The following forms a selection of some of the recent achievements by each of the teams which underpin the work of our church.

Session Clerk: Administration:

Prepare and publish the printed Annual Report: Kirk Session business and regular meetings: The booking of facilities; Elder Training; coordination of team work; Baptismal Register and Cradle Roll; prepare the Sunday Worship Reader’s List and Sunday Door Duties.

There is no comprehensive Annual Report for 2019 as no Annual Stated Meeting has been held to date – click here for the 2019 Accounts embedded in the 2018 Annual Report.


The spirituality of the church continued to develop particularly during meetings of the Kirk Session and during the main festivals of the church.

To support the minister in the conduct of worship: To accommodate any unexpected absence of the
minister: To discuss the nature of Sunday Services: To plan for special services including an overview
of Easter, Harvest, Remembrance, Christmas; Services of Dedication; Communion; Baptism; Funeral;
Wedding; Songs of Praise/Evening Services; Remembrance for Schools; Messy Church.
To promote Bible Study and Prayer by way of the Prayer Group; Prayer Box; Prayer Diary; House
Groups; Bible Study Courses;


Worship Team

The presence of our Worship Team in leading services on a regular basis throughout the year offers a major contribution to spirituality.

As we currently have no Minister, so are ‘in vacancy’, worship led by members of the Worship Team our Interim Moderator and retired ministers has proved to be uplifting and very welcome.

During the period of Covid 19 Lockdown members of the Worship Team delivered the weekly service by email or mailed a copy to those without an email address.

Our Facebook page carries spiritual messages and information as does the Southern Reporter and the Border Telegraph.

Should you seek to contact any member of the Worship Team please contact our Session Clerk Billy Anderson initially who will help in making contact.

 The monthly Prayer Diary and the Prayer Group have been suspended meantime.

 nnual Report

Treasurer and Finance Team

Our Treasurer and Finance Team produced an informative Annual Report with financial statements and comment on the achievements of our church. This Team undertakes to coordinate fund raising activities which in 2019 raised over £4000.

Once again charitable organisations to be supported through church fund raising were identified at the beginning of the year.

Ensure the sustainability of Channelkirk and Lauder Church: Provide regular financial statements and financial planning reports to the Kirk Session: To present a draft annual statement of accounts to the January meeting of the Kirk Session: To present the annual financial report to the Annual Stated
Meeting: General and Specific Fund Raising; Christian Aid; Gift Aid; Collection of Stamps; Named Charities; Poppy Scotland; Doughty Bequest; The Burns Supper; the Summer Barbeque; St. Andrew’s/Autumn gathering.


This Team is without a Convener at this time.


As part of our Stewardship Campaigns a very successful exhibition and dinner was held in Lauder


Christine Brotherston is convener and may be contacted through our contact page.


Pastoral Team

Shalom from our Interim Moderator

Rev Sheila Moir

Dear Friends and members of Channelkirk and Lauder Church 

I hope and pray that this letter finds you in good health and that you have been managing with all that has been happening around us over these past months. When the lockdown happened back in March, I do not think we really thought that life around would have changed as much as it has. At this time we are still in quite a fragile place and as businesses open up we are reminded of this. For those of you who have only just begun to know what life outwith your door step is like, it is a daunting reality, although a shopping trip today is different from just a few weeks ago where there were one way systems and long queues to get into shops. Although I have to say that in some places those queues are still happening as shops limit the number of customers they have inside at one time, and of course the majority of people are wearing face masks.

The lockdown has given us a time to reflect I think, as we had time – the passage in the Old Testament that is often used as funerals comes to mind, and of course in God’s time he created us all in his image and created everything around us, which for many for so long has been taken for granted, but what I certainly felt and saw during this time was that nature and all that God has given us has flourished because we have stopped running about. The air we breathe felt cleaner – as an asthmatic this has been a great time, though my hay fever has been terrible as the flowers and plants have produced more pollen – for me anyway! As I walked around my part of the Borders with my dog, everything was so quiet, the birds however were noisy, but it was wonderful, and it made me think of Genesis, and the Garden of Eden, where everything was so perfect, life was harmonious for all that had been created, then human beings changed it. As stewards of this fragile world, we have a duty to look after it.


The Church has been coping with this by learning new ways of being ‘Church’ too and I am sure you will like me be thankful to Claire and Ken who have provided Sunday Reflections during this time and indeed continue to provide: via email, ordinary mail and the telephone link that has been set up. During this time too for my own charge I have been producing weekly Reflections that I know many of you have been accessing from my Charge’s website. During July I was thankful to the Moderator of the General Assembly – Rev Dr Martin Fair and to two of my worship team members for their Reflections to give me some time off. We have also been blessed with weekly worship on the television and I am sure like me all who watched Reflections from the Quay would have found blessing in the variety of worship that was on offer. It is a shame that these have come to an end, whilst we are still unable to come together as a fellowship in our Churches.

However, at the Kirk Session meeting recently, it was decided that the fabric committee along with Billy your Session Clerk will begin the process of doing a Risk Assessment for both places of worship which will be submitted to Presbytery after which we shall look to opening the Churches for worship on Sunday mornings. A date for opening has not yet been finalised, but with the most up to date guidance to follow a date will be communicated as soon as possible.


A lot of work has been going on in the background. The Church yard in Lauder has been tidied and is looking good, in addition to the weekly reflections, there have been contributions from the Guild and others in the Southern Reporter, on Facebook, Jane has been sharing thoughts and prayers from the Church of Scotland and reflections from Rev Marion Dodd who is the interim moderator at Earlston Parish Church and the Channelkirk and Lauder website is  being refreshed and will soon go ‘live’ in order that you can be kept up to date with what is happening.


In the meantime however, I leave you with some information that has been produced in helping us reflect on whether we would feel comfortable attending a Sunday Service.




The following assessment tool is used in the Church of Scotland Guidelines on Re-opening Church Buildings.


‘It helps you to see how different risk factors may combine to give serious health complications should you catch the COVID-19 virus. It does not include the factors that

may make you clinically extremely vulnerable, where you should be following the guidance for those who are shielding. It includes the factors where there is significant statistical evidence but does not include any rarer conditions which you may have, so this only offers a starting point. You may want to discuss the results with your doctor or with those who have expectations about your involvement with church life.


We are not claiming medical expertise in sharing this way of scoring your risk but giving a way to show how serious catching the virus may be for you or the groups using your church building(s). Circle the score next to each one that applies to you and add up your score.



From the Moderator of the Church of Scotland The Rt Revd Dr W Martin Fair

Dear friends,


At the risk of bombarding your inbox, I wanted to send a final communication regarding the Week of Prayer running from Monday 17 to Saturday 22 August. Principally, I’m keen to ensure that those who want to get involved will know how to do so.


At 8am each morning a pre-recorded reflection will go live on the Church of Scotland website and on Facebook. These will include contemplative music, Scripture readings, a brief ‘thought for the day’, a prayer and blessing. Additionally there will be a suggested prayer activity that you can choose to take up at some point during the day. Each of these activities has been designed for all ages but certainly with children and families in mind.


In the evenings, there will be a ‘live’ gathering on Zoom in which we hope many from across the country and perhaps further afield will participate. These will commence at 8.30pm – giving time for those who need to settle young children and for those who may have earlier meetings to join. The prayers from each evening will also be watchable on catch-up through the Church’s digital platforms.


The evening gatherings will include the following:

  • Prayers led by designated individuals, these including leaders from our ecumenical partners, Church of Scotland youth workers, ministers and staff members.
  • Breakout rooms, during which participants will have a short time to reflect on the Scripture passage that was shared during the morning reflection, to pray together, and to ‘compare notes’ from around the congregations and communities represented.
  • Reflective music and time to simply be still; there will be opportunity for individuals to bring prayer requests and causes for prayerful concern and thanksgiving.


The link for participating in the evening gatherings is as follows:

Meeting ID: 856 8913 7107

Passcode: 2020


People who cannot connect to Zoom will be able to phone in:

Dial 0131 460 1196

Type the Meeting ID followed by #

Press # for Participant ID

Type Passcode when promoted (2020) followed by #


We are not posting the Zoom details on Facebook or the Church of Scotland website for security purposes, but we’d be delighted if you would make them available via email within your congregations.


But so much for the detail! What the week is really about, is creating space for the Church to come together from all ‘airts and pairts,’ to still ourselves and to listen for what the Spirit might be saying to us in these days (Revelation 3:22).


As we prepare for the coming chapters, let us begin from a position of humility, being on our knees before the One who will both feed us and lead us.


With every blessing,


A programme of much appreciated visits from our Pastoral Team continues albeit at this time such ‘visits, are usually conducted by phone or email!!

Allocating Elders Districts; design for, and distribution of, Communion Visits/Invites; Follow up Visits; Hospital Visits; Congregational Roll.

Future Focus

Mission Team

The Mission Team is currently considering how our church buildings might be used more widely by those who are not regular church attenders. Some detailed proposals will be intimated on our website in due course.

This follows on from a Church of Scotland led discussion named ‘Future Focus’ which helped to pinpoint community and church work beyond buildings.

Engaging with Young People; To plan and implement a programme for 12 – 25 year olds; to oversee the Youth Café/Youth Group; to deliver the work of the Sunday Club and Team JC, Serve Your Local School, School Remembrance, Christian Union, Messy Church (with Worship Team),
Engaging with the Congregation: To promote social fellowship within the membership of the church through after service hospitality, events and meetings.
Engaging with the Community; by way of an annual social programme; Open Discussion Topics; Food Donations; Eco-Congregation, Shoebox and Other Appeals;
Overseas Mission: including links with Zomba, Malawi.
While our annual Burns Supper raises funds for good causes it serves as part of our mission programme through invitations to members of the community and through the involvement of our young people. On one memorable occasion some of our Young People formed the top table and led all of the toasts, speeches and chairing for the evening.


Press coverage: provide community information including copy for the Lauderdale News and Church Newsletters:

To prepare and publish information on the parish for members and visitors:

To prepare intimations, notices, the Order of Service, church noticeboards; Life and Work magazine:

To manage Facebook and website development.








Church Flowers

The Spirit of God may stir the imagination and interpretations of the flower arranger. That same spirit can touch the heart of the viewer who may see more than just the display,but will see through the display to the beauty and love of God and all His Creation.Flowers, foliages and plants are a gift that not only sustains life but may enhance worship and
praise the Creator of life.

Flower Rota for Sunday Worship

Organised for Channelkirk by Marie White – mob: 07855181728
and for Lauder by Elizabeth Stevenson – mob: 07790846208

Volunteers to assist with weekly rota will be very welcome – choose a Sunday that suits or a specific date, eg an anniversary or special family occasion or in remembrance.

How can you help ?

Provide a simple vase of flowers or arrangement or a plant
or Donate flowers or cash for flowers
or Assist with flower arrangements for Special Festivals
Please contact Elizabeth or Marie to secure a date on the Flower Rota.


Not so very long ago our Fabric Team turned Lauder Church from this to this …….

Ian Stevenson is Convener and can be contacted through our contact page.


Fabric Team

Members of the Fabric Team keep a regular watching brief on the general maintenance of our buildings including The Manse and the graveyards.

To attend to all issues associated with the safety, security, maintenance and improvement of all Church property, including updating all fabric records and the annual maintenance programme for the Manse: Sound System: Cleaning and Caretaking: Garden for Reflection; Flowers; Climate Change/Energy Conservation.