A huge thank you to all who continue to serve faithfully on the front line and to those in support of front line efforts, particularly all who give service through local Resilience Groups; we pray for your continued strength and safety.

Channelkirk and Lauder Church seeks to connect resource and inspire members of churches and communities to offer their service through discipleship and local mission.

Preparation for service includes an increased understanding of church life, promotion of unity, the development of personal skills and recognition of attributes.

The Church of Scotland offers an ongoing series of fresh resources for congregations to use locally. The publications are designed for both single-user and group work.

If you have an interest or experience in working and serving the church with any of the following please contact our Session Clerk in the first instance:

Children and Young People; Pastoral Care; Eldership; Support for Local Ministry; Rural Church Development.

There are so many ways the laity can serve in support of ordained ministers and parish life such as discipleship, leading worship and prayer, ecumenism, leadership or through mission such as church community links, caring for creation, eco-congregations,  welcoming buildings, caring churches; or through church life such as Eldership, Team Leaders and the many ministries of the Church of Scotland

For further information on personal Service to the Church please contact our Session Clerk and visit the Church of Scotland website. Thank you