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“…. we serve in Jesus Christ to promote and support strong, spiritual communities within Lauderdale.”

Lauder Church

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Channelkirk Church

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Our Mission & Vision

At Channelkirk and Lauder Church Our vision and mission is to help connect people to faith

To be a sustainable rural congregation with a long term future through living and working alongside, and in partnership with, the other elements of the communities we serve in Jesus Christ to promote and support strong, spiritual communities within Lauderdale

Lauder Church History


Lauder Church is recognised as one of the finest ecclesiastical buildings in Scotland. Read all about our Church by clicking below.

Admin 1.12.2020

PLEASE CLICK ON WORSHIP ABOVE FOR SIGHT OF A CHRISTMAS MESSAGE FROM THE REV SHEILA MOIR OUR INTERIM MODERATOR:                                          including information on December services. 22nd November was the last Sunday in the Christian year; the 29th...

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Admin Updates 15th November 2020

The Kirk Session meets by zoom on Tuesday 17th November. The agenda covers standard reports and issues including fabric information as repairs are approved in order to rent the manse. A discussion on how arrangements for worship have worked during the closure of our...

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Admin – 8th November 2020

It is our great pleasure to welcome you all to back to church and Sunday Service - the first service to be held in Lauder Church since the start of lockdown, so many months ago. Our worship environment is different, as we observe the government rules of social...

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Admin Updates 1st November 2020

Welcome to our return to church service since March. Let us give thanks to God for allowing us the opportunity to meet together and worship Him.   Please contact our Session Clerk for details on timing and venue for Sunday Services and to book a place by the...

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Church Worship and Activities

Sunday Worship, The Kirk Session, Special Services, Communion, Bible Study and Prayer, Fellowship, Church-based Organisations.


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The history of Lauder Church and Channelkirk Church.


Worship, Finance & Fundraising, Pastoral, Mission, Fabric.


Eighteen Elders serve as the Kirk Session with our Minister as Moderator. The Minister and Elders form the Kirk Session, the principal court of the church responsible for spiritual and temporal business, through which all decisions are taken.


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Guild News

Lauder Church Lectern

Guild Message – 20th February 2021

Lent is often seen as a time when people "give things up". This comes from the practice of fasting and careful preparation for baptism at Easter, which once took place. It is associated with the period of 40days which Jesus spent in the wilderness, preparing himself...

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Our Church

Reflections – 20th February 2021

Reflection Those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength It has often struck me as remarkable that lectionary readings, which come on a three-year cycle, relating to the church’s year rather than the social one, still, frequently and unpredictably, turn out to...

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Teams & Activities


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