Lauder Kirkyard Biblical Garden

Garden Brief:

  • The planting to be made up predominantly of plants which are referenced in the Bible
  • Must be low maintenance
  • Needs to have a long season of interest
  • Include seating to encourage people to linger and to actually go into the garden space

Additional Notes:

  • Site is a good suntrap with existing gravel and membrane in place so lends itself well to a gravel garden.
  • Site is tucked out of the way near the rear entrance of the church. Could include it in a revised LiB Garden Trail leaflet.
  • This new garden will be funded and maintained by the church.
  • We will add handwritten slate signs to include plant name and it’s reference in the Bible.
  • Could include the garden in the Silent Space network (
  • Plants from the garden can be added to the flower arrangements in the church.
  • If the Council are removing the tree stump by the church gate would they be able to do the same to the yew stump in the corner of this site or at least reduce it down to ground level?

Planting List:

  • Agastache ‘Blackadder’ – flowers July – Oct H100cm x S 40cm – pollinator magnet & good winter seed heads too (‘A’ on the plan below)
  • Crocus– useful for spring colour
  • Olive tree – ‘standard’ shape – i.e. clear stem with spherical head of leaves.
  • Papaver Somniferum – loved by bees and useful seed heads too.
  • Blue Oat Grass (Helictotrichon Sempervirens)– silver-blue evergreen leaves – provides year round structure and movement to the space – H45cm x S45 – flower spikes to 100cm (‘G’ on the plan)
  • Salvia Officianalis ‘purpurascens’ – H 70cm x S 60cm (‘S’ on the plan)
  • Dierama ‘Blackbird’ – flowers July – early Sept H100m x S30cm (‘D’ on the plan)
  • Creeping thyme to soften the hard lines – flowers May – Aug (‘T’ on the plan)