Return to Sunday Worship.

** The Palm Sunday Service will be held in Channelkirk Church on 28 March.  The Easter Sunday service will be held in Lauder Church on  4th April. Both services will be led by members of worship team Thereafter Sunday Services will alternate between Channelkirk and Lauder. All Sunday Services begin at 1030.

Numbers remain restricted (20- in Channelkirk and 35 – in Lauder). Worshippers must phone the Session Clerk by the previous Friday. Billy Anderson:07384720245.

Face masks must be work. No hymn singing.  Social Distance to be observed.

As all churches begin what is hoped to be a return to ‘normal’ Sunday Worship only summary reference to service content will be appear on the church website.

Anyone wishing to worship but not in church can access the full service by telephone at – 01578 353361