Channelkirk and Lauder Church




Minute of meeting of Channelkirk and Lauder Kirk Session, held on Tuesday 12 January 2021 from 7.00pm, via “Zoom Conference”.



The meeting was constituted with a Bible reading from Isaiah chapter 55, verses 6-11, and with prayer.



There were 11 Elders in attendance with our Moderator.  3 apologies were also received, all recorded in the Sederunt Book.


III        APPROVAL OF MINUTES 17.11.2020

The minute was approved as an accurate account of the meeting.



4.1          Safeguarding co-ordinator

Session Clerk reported on an offer from Mrs. Jane O’Neil to take on this position.

Session agreed with this appointment.

4.2          Manse up-date

Member of our Property Team gave an up-date on the manse, with our letting agent (Galbraith’s) on the point of letting the manse, hopefully in early February.

Session happy with progress on this project.

4.3          Doughty Bequest

Session Clerk agreed to ensure this item is on the agenda of the next meeting.


V         REPORTS

5.1          Finance

A member of the Finance Team reported on £4,500.00 being drawn from Consolidated Fabric Fund to our general account, to pay for repairs and maintenance required to bring the manse up to a standard, enabling it to be leased.

At the end of 2020 there was £25,000.00 in general account.

A thankyou letter from both Primary schools for our financial contributions to them was shown to Session.//




Them was shown to Session.

There is less investment income in our accounts in 2020, M and M contribution for next year is £18,000.00, which is less than last year.

In a month or two accounts shall be ready for Session to look over.

A discussion followed about our responsibilities to our Primary schools regarding helping with financial contributions, also to widen the focus to include the local Oxton and Lauder resilience groups, to see how we can help them.

2 Elders offered to contact the Oxton and Lauder groups representatives and report back to Session.  One of our Elders offered to contact both schools to see if we can help in any way, and report back to Session.

Session approved of the above.

Member of Finance Team offered to write to schools, to find out what our finance contribution was spent on.  Session agreed.

5.2          Presbytery Reports

December and January reports were received by Session.

Session Clerk agreed to write a letter of condolence to Rev. Tom Hogg, whose wife passed away recently.  Tom served us well as our Interim Moderator some years ago, always very helpful.

5.3          Pastoral report:  received by Session

5.4          Fabric

Several matters need attention in both Churches.  It was agreed to get costings for all the work needed in both Churches, so we have a full picture of all the work required, and also of the cost to be incurred.

5.5          Worship Team

Session recorded their thanks to the team for the 8 Sundays the Churches were open for Worship.

It was reported that 27 children from 11 families in our parish attended the on-line Christingle service held in St.Boswells Church.  Our local Co-op donated oranges for children in our parish.

Session recorded thanks to our Moderator for her efforts and to 2 Elders who made things possible at our end. (Grace and Marie)

5.6          Safeguarding:  No report



Session Clerk reported that Mrs. Elizabeth Fortune is stepping down as a serving Elder after over 30 years of service.  She stated it has been a real pleasure and privilege to serve our Lord in this way.//




Pleasure and privilege to serve our Lord in this way.

It was noted that Jim and Jo Sutherland have retired from their hotel business at Carfraemill Hotel.

It was decided to mark their service to our Church in some way, best to do so once the pandemic is over, and restrictions are lifted.

Session Clerk agreed to write a letter of thanks to Jim and Jo, along with our intention to hold some type of social gathering when this is possible.

Session Clerk agreed to write to Keith Simpson, Property Convener for Presbytery, requesting a survey to be carried out at Channelkirk Church this year.  Last done 2014.



Item to be held over to next meeting.



Discussion as to where to locate this garden in Lauder Kirkyard.  Session agreed to find an area which Scottish Border Council would support.



Session Clerk reported that his latest e-mail from Stewart McPherson suggests that a meeting will be arranged in the near future.



Tuesday 16 February 2021 7.00pm via “Zoom Conference”



The meeting ended with the Benediction.




Rev. Sheila Moir                               Date                           William Anderson

Moderator                                                                            Clerk