Living in a community such as Lauderdale, or any town, is of great importance, and the Church is part of the community. When we gather in the Church on a Sunday, we remember the reason we join together in Christian Faith, to share Bible readings, to sing Hymns, for the fellowship that brings us together. We are people gathering to remember who we are ourselves. The Church is where we have come to know the presence of God, sitting in a Church brings peace and tranquility. At the moment all Churches are closed, but we can get that peace when we believe in the Lord. As the song says, “One day at a time, sweet Jesus”, and it is right, because none of us know if we will be faithful tomorrow, most would like to think they will be, but who knows what tomorrow may bring, which would really challenge our faith.

“Lord, you have come to the seashore”. The Church Reflection of 24th January was when, Jesus called the disciples, Simon and Peter, James and John to leave their nets and follow him. They had great willingness to give up everything and follow Jesus. Perhaps, we have little to offer Jesus who gave his live for us, but we can follow him in our daily lives, with our faithfulness, our love to our neighbours, and not be judgmental. As Christians, we must follow Jesus every day, not just when we go to Church. We can take practical steps to follow Him in everything we do and reflect his goodness to others.