Minute of Kirk Session meeting held on Tuesday 17 November 2020 from 7.00pm, via Zoom Conference.


I               CONSTITUTION

The meeting was constituted with a Bible reading from the Psalms, and with prayer.



There were 13 Elders in attendance with our Moderator.  2 Apologies were also received, all recorded in the Sederunt Book.



The minute was approved as an accurate record of the meeting.



4.1          Safeguarding Co-ordinator

Session Clerk is awaiting a reply from one of our Church members, regarding this position.

4.2           Manse up-date

Session were given a summary of the progress made.  The interior work (mainly painting) is almost complete.

Session Clerk agreed to ask “121” to arrange a letting company to deal with the “let” of the manse.

4.3           Any other matters arising

Armistice Sunday:  It was reported that 13 wreaths were laid at Lauder War Memorial and 3 at Oxton.

50 people (socially distanced) were present at Lauder and 5 at Oxton.


V              REPORTS

5.1           Finance

Member of Finance Team reported on receiving a letter of thanks from Lauder and Channelkirk Primary Schools, both very grateful, not only for our monetary contribution to them, but also for our Session thinking of them in these difficult times.

It was confirmed that £900.00 has been credited to the Church funds from the Doughty Bequest, towards the financial contribution to the schools.//




Doughty Bequest, towards the financial contribution to the schools.

Giving to our Church is down this year, but with Churches re-opening from 1 November 2020, this situation should improve.  Offerings from our first 3 Sunday Morning Worships totalled £3,000.00.

It will be more accurate to look at the Finances at the end of next month.

There has been money spent on getting the manse ready, Session had agreed to make this a priority, but the money to be received from letting the manse will more than cover that.

Session recorded a thankyou to our Treasurer for all her work.

5.2           Presbytery

Report was received from our Presbytery Elder.

Presbytery Moderator asked all Kirk Sessions to give their opinions on lessons to be learned during the lockdown.

Session gave some ideas for our Presbytery Elder to forward to the Moderator.

Our worship team’s messages/services each week sent to all members on e-mail have been invaluable.

The technology we use has been a huge help in communicating with others.  It was reported, that looking outwards, Christian Aid raised £4 million, digitally, an increase of around 500% on previous years.

Many positives, despite the difficult times.

Our Moderator asked for a volunteer to send a prayer diary entry for the Presbytery prayer diary.  Presbytery Elder offered to do this.  Session approved.

5.3           Pastoral

Pastoral Team reaching people by phone calls and doing social distancing doorstep visits.

5.4           Fabric

5.4.1        Manse

Session had sight of 2 quotes for exterior work on manse, and agreed to proceed with the lesser quote from “The Friendly Joiner”, at £2,000.00

5.4.2         Session House

Fire alarm system was faulty, Convener reported that he called out an expert on fire alarms to fix the problem, invoice still to be received.

5.4.3         Lauder Session House

Session Clerk agreed to write a letter of thanks to Mr. Ian Brotherston for repairing these steps.

5.4.4         Lauder power meters//




5.4.4           Lauder power meters

It was reported that Opus utility company required certain code numbers from Lauder gas and electric meters, Session Clerk agreed to attend to this.

5.4.5           Channelkirk

S.B.C cemetery department cleared all leaves from graveyard and car park before the wedding held there on 14 November 2020.

5.4.6           Channelkirk Fabric book

Survey was last done in 2014.

It was agreed to ask Presbytery to survey the Church in 2021, as in the survey of 2014, it was estimated that £14,000.00 was required to be spent on stonework, to make the building watertight.

A retired builder has offered to complete a survey on the stonework issue, free of charge.   Session approved, with proviso, that the gentleman’s qualifications be verified.

5.6                Worship

After discussion, Session decided to hold no services on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.

Moderator reported on a Christingle service at St.Boswells at 4.00pm on Christmas Eve, available by Zoom.


One of our Elders explained the principle of this group.  Session are not opposed to this idea, but require more details, to be investigated further.

The Elder behind this suggestion will send out further information to our Session Clerk to forward to all the Elders.


After discussion, Session agreed to go ahead with this idea in Lauder, although the location of Channelkirk would exclude it from the program.


IX             DATE OF NEXT MEETING  Tuesday 12 January 2021

One of our Session members asked for Session approval for her to represent our Church on the Oxton Community Council Action Plan.  Session happy to agree to this.

X              The meeting ended with the Benediction.



Rev. Sheila Moir                                Date                        William Anderson

Moderator                                                                          Clerk