All with internet access should have received a message from our Interim Moderator Rev. Sheila Moir, inviting us to join, by Zoom, in her Christingle service on Christmas Eve, and in her family service on Christmas Day. If you have not received a link for these, and would like to participate, please speak to our Session Clerk. A poster with details of Christingle arrangements can be found elsewhere on this website and on the Church Facebook page.

Church Elders Marie and Grace have put a lot of effort into making the link to Rev. Sheila Moir’s Christingle service, and in arranging for the necessary materials to be made available to any who might wish them in Oxton or Lauder.

Because of cleaning requirements we are unable to meet in worship on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. However, we intend to post a short Reflection by e-mail on Christmas Day, and that will also be available on this website and, as each current services is, on the telephone link 01578 353361 (you need to use the full code).

With gates closed and two Christmas wreaths on the gates Lauder Church is looking somewhat forlorn. However, the life of our church is buzzing with weekly worship and reflection as the spiritual core to our activities – which embrace new ideas on publicity and communication; fabric including wider access to buildings, financial management and pastoral care for those who across our parish who welcome personal contact.