As we prepare for the coming of our Lord, we ask ourselves what do we expect from the weeks ahead. We may be allowed the company of our loved ones over a short period at Christmas time but of course, keeping ourselves safe and vigilant.

There is one thing that is always with us and we can depend upon, is the love of God.

Sometimes, we may be lax but God’ s love is the only love that never falters, and never fails. We take comfort in our faith and know that God loves us now and forever.

In Psalm 46 “God is our Refuge and our Strength”. We live today in a world of Covid 19, and our lives are not the same. As Christians, how do we live in these days, there are many answers to that. We must care for one another, and we must look out for one another and our neighbours. When you are in a storm you need refuge, a shelter, God is a shelter for us in times of trouble to keep us safe. As well as a refuge, God is also our strength and when we are worried or in difficulty,

God’s strength will carry us. We need safety and strength that are close by and thankfully God is ever present. He is the one who cares enough to share his unlimited resources with us. He is always nearer to us than we are to ourselves.