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22nd November was the last Sunday in the Christian year; the 29th November  was the first Sunday in Advent; the season when we think about Christ’s coming to earth, not just when he was born as a baby in Bethlehem but also for when He returns in power and glory.

The World Church celebrates the first Sunday as the Feast of Christ the King. This day looks backwards over the story of Jesus and the birth of the church as told in the Readings and preaching of the Christian year, and it looks forwards, not only to the coming of Christ at Christmas, but also to his coming again at the end of time, when he will be acclaimed as King over all. In Germany this day is known as Eternity Sunday.

Meanwhile, discussion grows on the fabric needs of our buildings; reporting to Presbytery on our efforts through Local Mission to keep all interested, and others not yet committed, through our digital links during the period of church closures.

Our Guild members, partnered with our Pastoral Team, have successfully undertaken telephone contact with over 50 Lauderdale based individuals who have expressed their appreciation for time taken to chat on the telephone and exchange local gossip!!

As we accept Christmas Eve and Christmas Day services in church may not be possible while keeping strict Covid 19 regulations for numbers and for cleaning we are delighted to discuss with our sister churches in Newtown and ST Boswells the possibility of Zooming in on their Christingle Service.

Perhaps more mundanely the Kirk Session agreed to progress thinking on establishing a Social Enterprise as part of our Mission programme. Discussion with the Community Councils and local organisation may well form the next step in planning.

Session agreed also to investigate the possibility of establishing a Biblical Garden within lauder Churchyard