In October, 1916, Private James Williamson was killed in action at Ypres and is buried on Warlen Court Military Cemetery, France. He left behind his wife Margaret and four young children, the youngest only 2 months old, my Father. This information was relayed to many families who had lost loved ones during the war years, andstill happens today.

Private Williamson’s wife was a strong woman of great faith which sustained her all her life. Our faith is like a wind, you cannot see it, but most of us know that it is there and we feel it always.

Those men and women laid down their lives for their friends as it says in John Ch. 10 “Greater love hath no man than this that a man lay down his life for his friends “. Some of these friends were “unknown” and some “known” to the soldiers but that did not matter. With their sacrifices, we can have our our freedom today.                                      WE WILL REMEMBER THEM.