Guild Message

Roots are important, not just for plants and trees. Take away the root and not only does the tree lose its main source of sustenance, but also becomes weak and unable to cope with even the slightest wind. The roots keep the plant securely in the earth.

Timothy ch. 2, was a fortunate man in having a family that was firmly rooted in the scriptures. We have plants in the garden that disappear in the winter, but the roots are still there and in the spring they appear again, often bigger and better. Just like those plants, we are meant to flourish, blossom and spread the mustard seeds of our faith in the area of the garden that God has planted us. Our spark of faith needs turning into a flame and from a flame into a fire. The plant needs to grow tall and blossom if others are to notice and react to God’s lovein our lives.

We reflect on the sad news of the death of Albert, Rev. Rae’s husband.

It has not been possible this year to celebrate Harvest in our churches with the joy and colour of recent years, so today’s reflection will have a Harvest theme.