DETAILS ON SUNDAY SERVICES, REFLECTIONS AND REMEMBRANCE SUNDAY;  ———— Please click on ‘Admin’ above to access all updates.


Those who wish to attend Sunday church services must contact the Session Clerk between 5pm and 7 pm on the Friday evening prior to each service to book a place at Church.  t. 01578 722848    m. 07384720245

Permission has now been received to re-open our Churches  from  Sunday 1 November . This worship will be at Channelkirk Church from 10.30 am .

One act of worship each  Sunday at 10.30 , alternating between Channelkirk and Lauder .

All pew cushions have been removed; no one is allowed to bring their own cushion to Church; no orders of service; face masks are compulsory (a supply of these will be available at each Church, should anyone forget to bring one) .

There will be hymns, the worship leader will decide how many. We are permitted to hum along to the hymns, but singing is outlawed at present .


Worship in Lauder on 8 November will take place from at 10.00 am to allow those who wish to attend the very much scaled down act of Remembrance at the War Memorial.  The Border Telegraph provides some guidance on gathering at War Memorials


it is the intention of the Worship Team to continue to make the weekly Service available by e-mail and on the church web-site as before, and, if found helpful, on the dedicated telephone line 01578 353361. We would be glad to have feedback as to whether the telephone communication continues to be useful.