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Parishioners  who  live  on  their  own,  may be frail  or those  not  in  good  health  may be  facing  a  bleak  winter.  There may be a need  for  support  and  comfort.


Elders  will  know  if  they  have  folk  in  their  districts  who might seek such support. We could build on that information. Elders are invited to give thought to this pastoral service and how the Kirk could respond should there be such a need.


A suggestion to establish a ‘Bible Garden’ in Lauder Churchyard is under consideration. Lauder in Bloom has been approached for their advice and assistance. More in due course.

Scottish Borders Council will contribute financially to three minor projects: 1 the purchase of stone chips so that the main path to the front of the church looks the same as the path to the Church Centre. 2 realignment and resurfacing of the pathway at the gate into the churchyard 3 resetting of the gravestone at the main door to the church. In addition they may look to a full renovation of the main gates and some minor works. We are grateful to Cllr. Parker for his support.

A concrete standing has been laid at the rear of the Church Centre to house the bins and the overbearing shrub at the main gates removed.