We await confirmation from Presbytery that our Risk Assessment meets the required standard for the reopening of our churches. It is our intention to gather for worship on Sunday 4th October in Channelkirk Church at 1030. Thereafter services will alternate between Lauder (11th October) and Channelkirk (18th October) – and so on.

For up to date information, and the necessary booking of a pew seat for each service, please contact our Session Clerk, Billy Anderson on 07384720245.



These  past  weeks  we  have  been  considering  the  importance  and  benefits  of  God’s  Bounty  in  our  harvests.Harvests come in many forms; we have  considered

the harvest of the earth and seas.


The  other  harvests  for  which  we  give  thanks  are  from  the  dockyards,

factories, mills, mines and workshops.  Their products  help  to  sustain

our economy  which  ensures  our  wellbeing.


We  express  our thanks  to  God  for  these  Harvests  formally  at  our  Harvest

Thanksgiving Services.  Our  expressions  of  gratitude  must  not  stop  when  we    leave  these  Services. even in  these  difficult   days.


By  nature  we  are  selfish   beings,  by  grace  we  are  thankful.  It is a grace  which we  should  grow, as we realise more and more just how  good God is and  how

freely He  gives.


Without  the  grace  of  gratitude we become miserable and reap a destiny of gloom.

With  it  our  vision  of  the  goodness  of  God  will  steadily  grow and  our lives  will  be  filled  with  Joy.


n  all  things  we  say  ”Thanks  be  to  God ”.