All planning for possible alteration to or the re-ordering of the East Wing has been put on hold by the Kirk Session – as it has done with many Fabric matters. Meanwhile, priority is to be given to work on our vacant manse to make it wind and water tight and welcoming as the Session moves to seek permission to rent the manse. It may be several months, indeed years, before the confirmed linkage with Earlston Parish Church is established; a minister vacancy approved by Presbytery and the calling of a minister actioned so, to most elders, it seems business wise to rent out the manse – particularly as our income this year are already over £7000 less than in 2019 – to date.

While time and effort is invested in – returning to Sunday Worship, Covid Risk Asessment, the cleaning and regular sanitizing of both churches, booking of a place in church for Sunday Worship led by members of the Worship Team and clarity on finance – little else can be thoughtfully pursued meantime.

Improvements to the approaches to Lauder Church and to the Church Centre continue with Scottish Borders Council willing to seek the necessary funding. Responsibility for all work on the  graveyard and ground surrounding Lauder Church lies with the local authority who listen to the thoughts and suggestions from the Community Council as well as the Kirk Session and members of Lauder Church. The photograph identifying the Projects Page on this website indicates some of the work completed by individual members of the church and permission from the local authority.