At the moment we are asked to wear a face mask/covering in shops and churches. The Bible says nothing about wearing a face mask during a pandemic. How are Christians today to tackle the issue of wearing face masks?

While the Bible has no outright reference to this issue, the Apostle Paul does offer teaching that may be applicable to this situation, in the first letter of Corinthians. The wearing or non- wearing of a face mask does not indicate holiness, nor does it comment on God’s power to heal. We affirm the power to heal and protect.

Our faces are very important. We do not need masks to come to God, no hiding or pretending, he takes us as we are to love and cherish each other. In Psalm 34 ” Look at God, give him your warmest smile and never hide your feelings from him”. We might first approach God with a face mask to hide who we are but God knows us.

We can overlook the discomfort of a face mask and choose to trust in the evidence of things unseen.