Channelkirk and Lauder Church




Minute of meeting of Channelkirk and Lauder Kirk Session held on Tuesday 4 August 2020 from 7.00pm via Zoom.


I               CONSTITUTION

The meeting was constituted by our Interim Moderator with a Bible reading from James chapter 3, verse 13 onwards, and with prayer.



There were 11 Elders present with our Moderator.  6 apologies were also received, all recorded in the Sederunt Book.


III             APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF MEETING 10 March & 24 June

Both these minutes were approved as accurate records of the meetings.



4.1          Church Accounts 2019

An examiner has been appointed, and Accounts will be examined in good time to send to O.S.C.R before the September deadline.

4.2          Resignations

It was noted that in each of these meetings, an Elder had resigned.  Moderator commented that it is important to look at how we move on, as a Session and how we rebuild the Church in the Community.

An Elder commented that there was always a way back into the Session for any Elder who resigned, he had resigned many years ago, and has served as an Elder for a good number of years now, having re-joined our Session.

4.3          Safeguarding Co-ordinator

Our former Safeguarding Co-ordinator reminded Session he has resigned from the post, after 20 years of service.

Session Clerk expressed Session’s thanks for all Mr. Towers’ work over the last 20 years.

Session Clerk agreed to ask Mrs. Rhona Neil, currently on Safeguarding Panel, to consider becoming our Safeguarding Co-ordinator.

Moderator informed Session that we need a total of 3 people, on the Panel.

Session Clerk agreed to find the required number of people to make up the Panel, with Elders asked to give Session Clerk any names they felt would be appropriate to serve on the Panel.//




Appropriate to serve on the Panel.



It was agreed that Risk Assessments for both Churches be completed and sent to Presbytery for approval.

Session approved of our Fabric Convener; Session Clerk, meeting with 2 other members of our Fabric Team, to complete these assessments.


V              FINANCE

5.1          Assistant Treasurer Report

Assistant Treasurer reported on a positive financial message from 2019 accounts, and suggested we notify our members of this positivity.

Moderator agreed to compose a Summer pastoral letter, with some financial information to go along with it, to be sent to all members.

5.2          Tosh Bequest of £4,000.00

Session agreed to investigate the possibility of investing this sum in a growth fund.



It was reported that our web-site had fallen into mis-use, but now work is underway to try to construct the web-site.  On a date still to be specified, it will be “put-up” for 8 hours for Elders to look at it, and give feedback to ensure all is well, or otherwise, with content on the site.



7.1          “Zoom”

Moderator reported on “Zoom” worship in Fife, where a total of 5 Churches, with 120 people worshipping, share services, and meeting folk from other Churches through the medium of “Zoom Conference”.  Very positive work.

7.2          Sunday reflections from Worship Team

Session members were asked for comments re the above, mainly done by Dr. Claire Guthrie each week.

Very positive comments from Session.

Session Clerk agreed to call Claire, saying how appreciative we are of her first class reflections, and explaining she is under no obligation to do this work each week.

It was suggested we send Claire a bouquet of flowers, as a small token of our appreciation.//




7.3          Place for hope

Rev. Stuart McPherson and a colleague will meet with us via “Zoom”, as a next step addressing problems and to help us to reflect on what has happened and how we move forwards.   Meeting will possibly take place in September.

Moderator encouraged us to keep up good work, God’s spirit is moving and God will see us through.

We are called to love and to support one another.

7.4           Maintenance to Lauder Churchyard

 It was noted work had been done by 2 volunteers within our Church to tidy up the Churchyard by: removing weeds from pathway, repainting bench in garden of remembrance (W.I no longer funding a replacement bench) repairing steps leading up to the Church Centre.

Session thanked Mr. Graeme Donald and Mr. Ian Brotherston for attending to these items.

Session thanked Mrs. Christine Brotherston for composing a spiritual message each week from the Guild to local press, and to Mr. George Megahy for composing a spiritual message each week from our Church to local press.

Moderator expressed her gratitude for all of the above work.



The meeting ended with the Benediction.



Rev. Sheila Moir                                     date                                William Anderson

Interim Moderator                                                                         Clerk