Guild Messages

We are sad, as Channelkirk and Lauder Guild, to announce the death of Doreen Gilchrist a very faithful member. Doreen was a member for many years and enjoyed the meetings and our yearly outings. Doreen and her husband George, where also very kind supporters of our Monthly Coffee Mornings. Our thoughts and sympathy go to George and all her family.


In this very strange and worrying times that we are going through, the word Trust comes to mind. We have to Trust so many at this time, even those that we do not know them. The NHS staff, Doctors and Nurses, we trust them to give their best to all those who are sick, to the Postmen and ladies who deliver our mail, day in and day out, to the Milkmen who leave milk on our doorsteps, in very unusual circumstances and never miss a delivery. To our local shops and shopkeepers who keep the shelves stocked up and last but not least our family, friends and neighbours who are a  constant help and although our Churches are closed at the moment, we Trust that the decisions made are correct andfair.

An example of Trust is having faith that things will be better in the future. Trusting someone means that you will have confidence in them, but as the Bible reminds us, the most important form of Trust we can have, is our Trust in God. Putting our Trust in God is the way forward, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understandings: and in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your path straight”.