Harvest time is coming! The balers and combines are busy on the roads, going from farm to farm.The symbolic meaning of Harvest in the Bible, encompasses two main areas: Gods’ provision for us and God’s blessing for others. While we celebrate Harvest season, just once a year, we experience the Spirit of Harvest all the time. Harvest time is a time to thank God for his rich provisions, a time to thank God for his gifts to us, a time to reach out in Prayer to those near and far who are in need. A melon has hundreds of seeds which if planted, each one will grow into a plant. How many free gifts has God given us !! He calls us, each one of us to think how we can use our talents, even at these strange times. Each of us is called individually by God to use our talents for the good and love of others. To share our harvest, whether our bounty from our gardens, or our time, sharing it with those who are lonely or worried. We all have something to give.