Minute of meeting of Kirk Session held on Tuesday, 10 March 2020 from 7.00pm in Church Centre, Lauder.


I               CONSTITUTION

The meeting was constituted by our Interim Moderator, by reading Psalm 15, and explaining it’s relevance, and with prayer.


II              HANDOVER

Interim Moderator handed over the meeting to Rev. Stewart McPherson, Interim Moderator at West Linton.  Stewart then engaged with Session members for just over an hour, thanking Session for their welcome and their comments, before leaving the meeting.



There were 12 Elders present with our Moderator.   7 Apologies were also received, all recorded in the Sederunt Book.



IV             APPROVAL OF MINUTES 29 January 2020

The minute was approved as an accurate record of the meeting.


V              MATTERS ARISING

5.1           East wing, Lauder Church

It was agreed that all up-to-date information re. this possible project be sent to Session Clerk, who would send to all Session members to look at, and discuss at next Session meeting.

5.2           Times of Sunday Worship

Session agreed as from 5 April, worship times to be as follows:

10.00am       Channelkirk Church

11.30am       Lauder Church

5.3            Frequency of worship

Interim Moderator suggested discussing this later in the year.

5.4             Channelkirk

It was reported that the car park wall has been fixed, a donation of £100.00 has been received towards the cost.

Benches have been repaired, Mortsafe will be in position in time for morning worship on 5 April.



Palm Sunday:          5 April

Good Friday:          10 April.   7.00pm Lauder Church, meditation on cross. (Includes an informal Communion).

Easter Sunday:        12 April.   8.00am Sunrise Service at Channelkirk Church.

09.30am Sausage Sizzle/egg rolling at Chester Hill.

11.00am Praise Band play Easter Hymns at Lauder Church as congregation arrive.

11.30am Easter Sunday Worship.

An Elder commented on how well the Worship team are coping.  Thanks were expressed to Mrs. Christine Brotherston for leading an excellent World Day of Prayer service on Friday 6 March.



It was reported that our Accounts for 2019 are in reasonable shape, due to a significant restraint on spending, coupled with some very generous giving.  Session Clerk is to be informed when final accounts for 2019 are ready for Session approval, and a meeting will be arranged with that one item on the agenda.  S.A.M will be held at Channelkirk this year.



8.1            All team reports required for our next meeting.   All team leaders took note of this.

8.2            Session Clerk agreed to send a letter of thanks to Mr. Ian Brotherston for relocating the cradle roll to a more prominent site in Lauder Church.



9.1             Session Clerk asked for all relevant folders for the annual inspection of records by Presbytery, on March 20, in Innerleithen Church, to be in his hands by 18 March 2020.

9.2             Session Clerk read out a letter of resignation from our Session from Mr. Graham Jeffrey.  The letter explained Graham’s reasons for his decision to leave the Session.

Session Clerk offered to write a letter of thanks to Graham for his excellent work over the 15 years service to our Session.



Tuesday 24 March 2020


XI             BENEDICTION

The meeting closed with the Benediction.