Walk with St. Cuthbert Route Details

Submitted by graham on Sun, 02/18/2018 - 19:36

St Cuthbert’s Walk Route Guide

The walk from Channelkirk to Melrose is 17 miles in total covering a mixture of single track tarmac roads, rough farm tracks, footpaths and open farmland.  The route will be clearly way-marked on the day with stewards available to provide guidance.

The walk is divided into three stages and whilst all walkers must commence at Channelkirk there is the option available to finish at Lauder, Bluecairn or Melrose refreshment points.

The route is detailed below.

Start – Channelkirk Church NT 481 545

Follow the road eastwards towards the village of Oxton (NT 497 535).  At the crossroads in the village carry straight on in a southerly direction. 

Approximately ½ a mile out of Oxton observe a signpost (NT 500529) showing direction towards Lauder which will direct you to a disused railway line.

Follow the railway line until you reach a tarmac road, observe the signpost (NT 509 514) and proceed in a south westerly direction along the road.

At Blackchester (NT 506 503) observe the signpost and take the track heading east down the hill to rejoin the disused railway line at the foot of the hill (NT 51 505).

Follow the railway line towards Lauder.

Proceed through Lauder , passing the Fire Station and Petrol Station until you reach the War Memorial (NT 527 478).  

Turn right and proceed along Stow Road until you reach a signpost for the School (NT 525 477).  Follow Allanbank Gardens until you reach the school.

End of Stage 1 Lauder Primary School NT 528 475 – 6 miles

Proceed in an easterly direction across the public park and then follow the path in a southerly direction until you reach Lauder Burn. 

Turn LEFT to find a footbridge to Burn Mill (NT 530 472).  Observe the Southern Upland way signage at this location.

Follow the Southern Upland way route on the south side of Lauder Burn.

Cross the main road at Woodheads Hill (NT 524 454) and continue to follow the waymarkers to the tarmac road at Fordswell (NT 534 431)

Proceed in a southerly direction along the tarmac road, crossing the crossroads at the top of the hill and reaching Bluecairn Farm

End of Stage 2 – Bluecairn Farm NT 532 419 – 10 miles

Continue to follow the track in a southerly direction to Mosshouses crossroads (NT 538 397) and carry straight on. 

At the fork in the path (NT 541 384) ensure that you take the upper, left hand route.  Follow the path to Easter Housebyres (NT 541 372)

Continue to follow the path south until you reach the B6360 (NT 545 350) then proceed eastwards towards the village of Gattonside. 

Take the footpath to the right before reaching the village which will follows the northern bank of the river tweed to the chain bridge at NT 545 346. 

After crossing the bridge turn left and east for approximately 300m.

End of Stage 3 – Annay Road rugby pitch NT 549 345 – 17 miles